A Visual Study Of Alcohol

March 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

Inspired by Trent Moorman‘s pitch to record myself shotgunning beer for his Sound Check column in The Stranger, I wrapped my mind around a tall boy of Rainier. Though many people are apprehensive about throwing 12 oz down their throat in a matter of seconds, I’ve found the 16oz can get the job done just as fast (and those extra 4 ounces will get you waaasted!) I rediscovered the joy of shotgunning beer two years ago, after my friends Ruben and Pete organized Shotgun Heard Around The World, where at 8pm PST/11pm EST the world went silent at the sound of a case full of cans being cracked, and remained that way for a few brief seconds while everyone slammed beer down their gullet. It was raining and we were drinking illegally in the park, but I shotgunned two more after that. I don’t remember drinking anything else that night.

Whiskey colas are my secondary, but preferred drink after I get off at work. Though usually on the sweet side, they pack the right amount of punch that I need after a night of both being nice to people and having to tell others that they aren’t on the list and no, I won’t add them (regardless of how cute they are). This one was made by my lovely friend Tarah at Berbati’s Pan one Friday night, as people drunkenly danced around to Ke$ha. I drank it pretty fast.


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