Derek The Dude

April 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

Derek Erdman is the best human friend you could ever imagine having. (I only imagine it because we live in different states and never really hang out unless it’s his birthday or Tit Pig is performing.) This morning, in all the nostalgia that systematically rains over me on April 20th, I was listening to Devin the Dude in my bedroom and asked Erdman in an email if he could whip up a drawing of my favorite Houston rapper. Didn’t expect anything in return, what with Erdman’s huge art opening at The Crocodile tonight from 6pm to 9pm*, but I don’t think Erdman gets nervous about things. Or if he does, he just makes more art stuff to throttle his busy, colorful mind. Because just a few hours later, I had before me an illustrated portrait of the blazing Coughee Brotha I had the pleasure of experiencing in the flesh over the four years I lived in Houston, Texas. Devin got his nickname The Dude because he was just a cool regular, smoothed out dude who likes weed, wine, and women. Just a regular cat on the corner. He was not arrogant, flashy, or macho and could get down with just about anyone in the house. Devin is a family man, a father of four children, who is constantly on his grind, writing, recording, and performing to put food in their mouths and clean clothes on their bodies. He’s as much an important part of Houston rap culture as Geto Boys and DJ Screw. All distinctly with their own voice and style. Geto Boys had a dwarf, Screw had his syrup, and Devin has weed. All day, err’day, Devin don’t give a fuck and just lights it up. This is the song that lit my Devin devotion back then, that still burns hot today.

*Don’t worry, home boys, Derek’s art is still gonna be up next time you go to see a show at The Crocodile.


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